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Technology is woven into every aspect of life – including family life. When you think about it, the ways you should act, protect yourself and treat others offline are not so different from what you should do online. That’s called digital citizenship.

Good digital citizens know how to make smarter, safer decisions in a variety of digital environments, and use technology in positive ways to help others.

We need more good digital citizens. That’s why National PTA and program sponsor, LifeLock, created #ShareAwesome, an initiative to educate families about the conversations that are important for guiding safer, smarter digital decision-making, while sharing the awesome ways people are using technology to improve their lives and the world.

Start the conversation with your family. As you talk about what your family considers “smart decision-making” or “safe behaviors” in everyday life, consider how that translates digitally. Share awesome ways to be safer, smarter and more positive digital citizens when:

Anyone can start this conversation in your home—mom, dad, brother, sister—even grandma or Aunt Gayle! Chances are you’ve already touched on this during dinnertime or car ride chats. That’s what we want to hear about. Share your awesome decisions, moments and people at #ShareAwesome.

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Spark conversation at your school about the ways to make safer, smarter, more positive digital decisions. Learn how you can engage families by sharing educational messages or hosting family education events.

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