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Socializing happens everywhere you—and your digital device —go. Connecting with others is part of human nature and begins at birth. Many kids start developing online relationships around the age of 8, usually through password-protected digital worlds. By age 10, they’ve progressed to sharing digital creations and texting via hand-held devices. By age 13, millions of kids have created accounts on social networking sites.

But just like in the cafeteria or at the mall, there are things you need to know to have a more positive experience when meeting new people and socializing with friends or acquaintances. The best way to learn these digital life skills is to talk about it with the people you trust most—your family.

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Here are some conversation starters to share awesome ways to make safer, smarter, more positive decisions when socializing as a digital citizen:

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Spark conversation at your school about the ways to make safer, smarter, more positive digital decisions. Learn how you can engage families by sharing educational messages or hosting family education events.

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